The International TV Show Salsa and Flavors from Puerto Rico is a TV series recorded in Puerto Rico that will offer the television viewer of the USA and Europe a scoop of our most treasured gifts, that is, our exquisite cuisine; shot on the most beautiful, majestic and seductive sceneries of this enchanted island, Puerto Rico including Palmas del Mar, of course!. This show will let the viewers discover the most delicious fruits, plentiful vegetables and exceptional ingredients such as our renowned rum, refreshing beer and delicious coffee, transporting the viewer to a real and reachable paradise.

In Palmas del Mar the show was filmed with Daniel Vasse, chef and owner of Chez Daniel Restaurant, a fine dinning French restaurant established at Palmas del Mar for more than 25 years. Daniel also own Tapas Bar at Chez Daniel and Bistro Rico, a more casual Bistro featuring local food with a french twist. The three restaurants and bar are located at a privileged site right on a dock (Anchor Village) at Palmas del Mar were you can relax overlooking the boats and the water.

The show will showcase the whole fun process of cooking; where our ingredients come  from, how we cook them and eventually see them become a mouthwatering platter. Because Puerto Rico has so many delightful flavors, a different recognized chef will host each show. This will bring to the program versatility and will offer the viewer more options of our Puerto Rican cuisine. Salsa and Flavors from Puerto Rico will be shot in English, and subtitling will be available. Salsa & Flavors from Puerto Rico, provides an opportunity for the World to see wonderful and exotic scenes of this enchanted island, it’s mouthwatering and appetizing platters and the delicious and refreshing drinks that could complement them.

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